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Why and how of hair loss or fall

Always comes in mind Why and how of hair loss or fall? Hair fall is a very common problem affecting most of the individuals at some point in their lives. Hair fall means losing hair from head or any other body parts. A loss of up to 100 hair /day is considered normal. If you are experiencing a hair fall of more than 100 hair /day then you need to consult an expert. Excessive hair loss can lead to hair thinning that can progress to baldness if not treated promptly. Hair fall can affect both males and females but the baldness is seen more commonly in males. There are multiple factors contributing to hair loss. Few of them are

  1. Hereditary Baldness usually runs in the family.
  2. Hormonal imbalance: The main hormone responsible for the hair fall is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a derivative of male hormone Testosterone. DHT is the hormone responsible for all the male characteristics. DHT is derived from testosterone with the help of an enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase. DHT is found on skin, hair follicles and prostrate. The sensitivity of Hair follicles to DHT results in hair fall. There are 5 alpha-reductase blockers available which inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT and thereby preventing hair fall.
  3. Extreme weather conditions
  4. Stress / Acute illness
  5. Systemic diseases
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