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Ozone Therapy

Hair loss/ Hair fall is a problem faced by males and females worldwide. It is a major cause of worry as it is responsible for low self confidence, self esteem and at times for social isolation.

Though the major cause of hair loss is genetic, a number of other reasons can also induce it. In men, it is caused by the Dehydrotestosterone hormone, or DHT. With advancing age, DHT increases and accumulates, and it kills the hair as well as its follicle. This hormone level is very low in women, which explains why women generally do not suffer from as extreme hair loss as men. Other major causes of hair loss are – side effects of medicines, chronic illnesses, hormonal imbalances (especially in women), post pregnancy hair loss, zinc or iron deficiency and excessive hair treatments (such as coloring, rebonding, perming, bleaching, etc.).

Ozone is an elementary form of oxygen which consists of 3 oxygen atoms (O3). It increases the amount of naturally occurring antioxidants in the body.

Ozone therapy for hair has been acknowledged for its effectiveness in treating hair and scalp problems like dandruff, hair fall, hair thinning and damage.

The scalp and hair on being infused with ozone get oxidized leading to the formation of peptones on the hair shaft located in the middle of the strands.

A protective layer is formed over each hair strand by peptones that safe guard the hair from breakage, damage and fall. This treatment is provided with the help of machines, combs, ozone creams etc. On coming in contact with the roots of the hair strands, ozone rejuvenates and fortifies the hair follicles to strengthen and nourish the hair and scalp. It adds volume and density to the hair, repairs and reconstructs the strands like treating and eliminating the problem of split ends, controls frizz to make hair manageable.

It stabilizes the scalp and treats dandruff issues, aids in regeneration of new hair, promotes hair growth and thus helps to create smooth, soft, radiant and beautiful tresses. Apart from stimulating hair follicles to naturally grow back hair, the therapy also makes hair less frizzy, shinier, and reduces dandruff.

Ozone therapy is a safe and effective alternative therapy saving patients from laborious medications and their side effects. This therapy is not advisable for pregnant and breast feeding women, people with severe skin allergies etc.

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