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Ear Lobe Repair

Torn, uneven or elongated earlobes are very common problems associated with wearing earrings. The longtime use of heavy earrings can cause the pierced site to stretch, thinning the tissue of the earlobe and making it prone to tearing. Earlobe tears can occur when earrings are pulled or caught on fabric, and sometimes the piercings stretch over time from wearing heavy earrings. Torn earlobes can easily be repaired in the office under local anesthesia with an excellent cosmetic result.

Earlobe Repair can restore a normal appearance to the earlobes, restore normal-sized earring holes, correct stretched piercings, and reconstruct the earlobe after skin cancer.

What to expect from the procedure

The ear lobe repair is a small procedure and can be done on an out - patient basis that means no hospital stay is required. After the procedure the regular routine activities like office or school can be started from the very next day. The latest technique for Ear Lobe Repair is the stitch less technique or the glue repair .In this the glue is applied to the torn ear lobe egdes and they are approximated. This is a completely painless procedure but the results are temporary.

There may be some swelling after earlobe repair. Antibiotic ointment is prescribed which is to be applied on the incision for a week. Re – piercing can be planned after 4-6 weeks. At our clinic in Faridabad for best results of ear lobe repair our experts recommend that new ear piercing sites be placed at a slightly different location, as the scar is weaker than the surrounding skin and may tear more easily.

If there is a tendency of keloid formation, you will need to have steroid injections into the earlobe every few weeks for 1-2 months. It might be recommended that you wear special silicone pressure earrings to prevent re-growth of the keloid.

What to Expect After Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair recovery is generally well-tolerated with only mild bruising, tenderness, and swelling. Pain medication can be taken if needed, and keeping the head elevated will help to reduce inflammation.

Most patients are asked to avoid wearing earrings for a period of six weeks or longer after the surgery. Such patients should avoid heavy earrings. After time for adequate healing, a new earring hole can be pierced.

If you are considering ear lobe repair please contact Cosmo Derm Clinic for best results in ear lobe repair in Delhi / NCR.