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Cost Of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is not just a procedure done to enhance the overall aesthetics, but it is an investment for a lifetime. After this life changing procedure you will not just reclaim your attractiveness and good looks, but also get dignity and self-esteem back.

Many clinics often try to attract patients by offering them cheap Cost of Hair Transplant. But in most cases it turns out that their only objective is to make it “cheap” at the cost of compromising on the quality and the final results. Please do not believe in these kinds of offers and do your research, since you have only one head and the most important point is that your donor area is limited!

As low priced offers for hair transplants are often tempting to those with limited budgets many patients simply ignore the fact that the final results of hair transplant procedure are equally important. Most of such hair transplants will result in poor outcomes due to a low growing yield which intensively affects the patients' self-esteem. In most cases a second (repair) hair transplant will be necessary to avoid emotional distress and achieve an aesthetically satisfying result. But sadly only few of the patients suffering from poor results have enough donor supply to ask for a follow-up hair transplant. Since the donor area is limited the majority of the patients are forced to live with an unsatisfying result. So the attempt of saving money initially, be turned into its opposite and patients will have to pay double the price, in case there is another follow-up possible.

At the Cosmo Derm Clinic quality control and affordability are considerately harmonized to offer sustainable and promising solutions for patients suffering from hair loss. However we are not involved in the actual low price wars nor do we offer dumping prices. The Cosmo Derm Clinic Faridabad, Delhi NCR offers a moderate price level for those with lower budgets.

Our mission is to continuously focus on quality management with affordable Hair Transplant cost to ensure satisfying results.

Our main goal is to offer our patients high quality FUE for a reasonable price. All the procedures in our clinic are performed by the doctors personally. The assistants, as the proper title indicates, are there only to assist. We practice so-called stick and place transplantation which means that we are not extracting all required number of grafts at a time to later plant them, but do it in smaller batches of 500-600 grafts. This ensures that the grafts spend less time, without access to blood circulation.

You can get a rough idea about your requirement by visiting the Graft calculator section but for a better diagnostic along with the precise cost of hair transplant, we would appreciate if you could kindly send us a set of photographs or visit us in person, to allow us to evaluate the number of grafts to be implanted.

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